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Who Should Own One?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are incredibly adaptable to all sorts of lives.  They can do great in apartments, traveling the world in a van, city homes, farms, or pretty much anything else in between.  If their people are there, they are happy.  They don't care too much about their life situation so long as they get time with their humans, and get some activity and mental stimulation.  They are a happy-go-lucky dog towards humans and full of personality. 

Its easy to fall in love with this breed.  We've raved about them to people who thought it was probably not all its cracked up to be, then when they met them, couldn't help but get obsessed.  It's just that kind of breed.  If you're thinking, will I love it?  I would bet on the odds you would.  

There is no one type of Stafford owner.  They are popular with whoever meets them and are not at all simply another dog for the "bull breed" image.  They are loved by families, retirees, athletes, singles, couples, your mailman, and most everyone you walk them past.  The common trait from people that own one is people who want a healthy, affectionate, all-around dog up for anything.  

However, they are not for everyone.  Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not completely ok with being couch potatoes forever.  Its not good for them, and they will get bored.  We believe we kind of owe it to them to push them a bit physically, cause they just love it so much.  If you can't commit to at minimum giving this breed walks and playtime, its probably not the right fit.  As well, they need their people.  They won't at all be happy with an owner who's gone at work all day, then decides to go out with their friends after and leaves them crated day after day.  They give out love in endless quantities, they need some back.

Also, it is no joke about the dog aggression.  They are surprisingly quick, and you're not Cesar Milan, you might miss the cues.  You might think your Stafford and little fluffy are having a great time together at the dog park when suddenly its not such a great time.  We can't stress enough the importance of being aware of this possibility.  This is not the breed for you if you dream of leaving them in the backyard with a friend's dog, or letting them roam the dog park far from you.  Herding dogs still want to herd, hound dogs still want to chase, guard dogs still want to guard, fighting dogs might still want to fight.  It's not a knock on them, but it is up to the owner to be aware of this and not put themselves in a spot where animal control is talking to them about a "situation".

We of course don't mean to discourage you from this breed.  They are incredible and you can't truly appreciate exactly how "as advertised" they are until you meet one.  However, we don't want to shy away from the truth either and have to do our part to lessen the possibility of an unfortunate incident with a Stafford.

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