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About the Breed

This is in no way an exhaustive summary of the breed or its care.  There are many books for that. (feel free to ask, we are avid readers)  This is merely meant to be a brief rundown on things you might like to know when considering getting one.


We use the term "all-around" many times on this site, but it doesn't fail to be true.  These dogs are the "all-around dog."  We are very familiar with many breeds, and they all have their strengths, but the Staffordshire Bull Terrier really is in a lot of ways, the jack of all trades.  Their drive and desire to please their owners has them up for anything, and their physical prowess has them capable of most of it.  They can run for a lot longer than we can, and will climb anything.  With a bit of training they will quickly amaze with their physical abilities in whatever you test them in.  We've enjoyed weight pull, fly ball, runs, hikes, and the Stafford Olympic sports with our dogs and it is truly up to the owner how far you want to take them in any physical pursuit.  They will go as far as you let them! 


As well, their history has given them an absolutely bullet proof temperament, capable of performing under stress and staying alert and focused.  While of course we don't aim to terrorize them, they don't react aggressively if a child pulls an ear, takes a toy, or someone steps on their toe.  They are not prone to people aggression, they make pretty awful guard dogs, but they will likely try to tackle you for kisses.  They are super affectionate and have plenty of love to go around.  They are far too intelligent for our liking, but I guess we will put up with that :) .  Staffords in a lot of ways do not feel like other dogs, they have a quirky intelligence about them that truly just makes them feel more human.  We read of an early Stafford who's registered name was, "little man in a red dog suite"  and we've laughed at this many times as it truly describes the feeling of owning one of these dogs.


These dogs are very comfortable lounging around the house.  They are not a super antsy dog, and will gladly chill with their people and watch TV all day if that's what the day is calling for.  Of course they do need some physical activity as all dogs and will enjoy a walk, run, or some ball time to spend some energy.  They pick up new games quickly and enjoy mental challenges and physical ones.  If you're wanting to try your hand at some dog sports, they are naturals and will surprise you with how quick they catch on.   

These dogs can be stubborn, which can make them a somewhat frustrating to train at times.  However, with patience and a firm voice, they have the intelligence to figure it out, and the desire to keep their person happy with them.  Sometimes they just decide something might be more worth it in the moment, but if you stick at it they can become highly trained dogs capable of a hundred tricks and near perfect manners.  

Dog aggression is not something to take chances on with this breed.  It is common in Staffords.  We don't leave them alone or out of reach with any other dog ever.  It's not their fault, but it is in their genes.  Part of being bred with dog fighting as a main task means you still get that spark today.  They are not a dog to back down from a challenge, and if spoken to wrong by some lippy dog at the dog park, it could end in a messy scene.  We just don't think that's worth the chance and we advise caution.  This dog is amazing at a hundred and one things, being anything other than closely supervised with other dogs is not one of them.  If you know of a Stafford that has "never caused any problems"  that is awesome, and we would hope it stays that way, but that is no reason to take a chance that you could regret and put your dog in a situation where they might hurt another person's pup.  This breed is capable, and often willing, to drop the gloves at a moments notice.

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