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About Everest

Everest brought home our first Staffordshire Bull Terrier in 2020 from Firestone Staffords in Lethbridge, AB..  We had been interested in the breed for years, and after a lot of watching and waiting, were finally ready to take the jump into this breed with our first female, Samantha.  It wasn't long before we were obsessed and knew that this was a breed we wanted to be in for life.  Samantha was everything we had asked for and more.  Our friends at Firestone were instrumental in firstly, providing two of our dogs, and second, being available and willing to answer questions, give advice, and help us get started.  We began assembling the team from there.  Since then we have brought in dogs from Gamestaff, imported a male from the States out of Gaffstaff, and made a trip East to Quebec for another male. We are still growing with more plans for the future.  We are intent on bringing together some of the best genetics we can find from different lines and through careful, selective breeding, combining them and creating something special.


We have no desire to breed just to breed.  We are looking to preserve the amazingness that is the old-time Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  This is something we take very seriously and we have no respect for breeders just looking to fund their next big purchase.  Without due care and attention, all lines of domesticated dogs will naturally fall into health problems, weak and unstable temperaments, and generally poor quality dogs.  It is up to breeders to take their role seriously and choose which dogs are to the standard required to deserve to pass along their genetics to the future.  We are incredibly proud of the foundation of dogs we are starting with.  We have researched the lines we chose puppies from extensively and are confident we are getting off the the best start we could ask for.  We strive to make the right choices from here, and build on the foundation with which we've been blessed.  

Our breeding is focused with four pillars in mind; health, temperament/drive, capability, and conformation, in that order.  We believe a good dog is first and foremost, a healthy dog.  Current trends in many breeds exaggerate features to the point of clear unhealth in their breeds.  Genetic problems are always knocking at the door in any breed and its through the careful work of a breeder that those are kept out.  Without a focus on health, the rest of a breeder's work is useless.  That is why it is our first priority.  We will not breed any dog that is not characterized by good health and resilience.  Temperament and drive is the next pillar, and is crucial to the SBT breed.  Many old dog men in the breed have stated it is, in fact, what sets the breed apart above all else.  A Stafford must have an absolutely bulletproof temperament, great with people (particularly children) and be ready for anything.  The opening of the SBT standard speaks directly to temperament when it says, "Coupled with its affection for its friends, and children in particular, its off-duty quietness, and trustworthy stability, we believe the Stafford is the Foremost All-purpose Dog.”  This "off-duty quietness" makes the Stafford an amazing companion in the day to day.  However, it's ability to chill when required must be balanced by it's ability to be anything but chill when asked.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing a Stafford at work or play, knows they are hard charging, go-getter dogs with a passion for life.  This drive and hunger to perform tasks is as equally important in the breed as their steadiness.  The third pillar is capability.  We are not into couch potatoes, or dogs that pant going up the stairs.  There are other breeds for that.  Staffordshire Bull Terriers should have the athleticism required to do anything you can do and more.  Trust us when we say you will be panting long before your dog if you take a well-bred, well-raised Stafford on a run.  All their drive to complete a task is rather useless if they've not been bred to also be able to physically excel.  Finally the pillar of confirmation.  This is not to be ignored, but certainly not to be the first pillar.  We are looking to breed dogs that adhere to the standard for the breed and conformationally display the best qualities.  The standard for this breed served as a guide to direct towards retaining the all purpose abilities of the breed, and we are grateful for the direction and look to follow it.  However, items like colour, or certain ear types, or specific looks, should never take priority to the detriment of health, temperament, and capability.

We push these dogs physically and mentally as we find their limits, then go past them.  They are house dogs comfortable just lounging with the us and the kids and snuggling up for a good movie.  They are farm dogs, chasing rodents, helping move the cows, and coming along for chores in all weather, and they are sporting dogs, running on the slat mill, hanging from the spring pole, and trying their hand at flyball and weight pull in the city.  These dogs are our passion and we invest a whole lot of time, money and energy into them.  We think they are honestly, one of the best breeds ever, and we are excited to produce puppies so others can enjoy them like we do!

Reach out to us with any questions.  Trust us, we could talk for hours about Staffords.

The Kennel

About the Humans

Everest is a family run affair operating out of our farm NW of Edmonton, Alberta.  My wife Yvonne and I, Connor, have always been into dogs and have owned many over our lives.  Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a great fit for our active lives as us and our kids spend our days with them enjoying all life on the farm has to offer.  We homeschool the kids which allows them to really grow up alongside these dogs and give them endless attention.  We enjoy being outside, whether that's just adventuring around on our 80 acre farm, backpacking trips in the mountains, or walks in the river valley of Edmonton.  We enjoy playing sports, running obstacle races, skiing and snowboarding, and riding our horses.  After supper and through the cold winters of Alberta we can be found more often watching a marvel movie, listening to an audio book together, or playing some call-of-duty on the xbox.  The Staffords are a constant part of life around here and fit right into our busy household.  

The Humans
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