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The Everest Team

Meet the Dogs




Gaffstaff Round Two

Liberty comes to us from Philadelphia in the States.  He comes down from legendary Yankeestaff and Quinlent lines and we are loving how he is turning out.  He's an athletic, all around dog that does his best to assert himself in any and every situation.  He's full of personality and for all his feistiness, also makes a great snuggler.  His temperament makes him a fast favourite of anyone he meets and its common for us to be told he is "just such a good guy"



Steadfast Loki

Loki is not an Everest dog, he is owned by friends of ours nearby.  He is out of the great Steadfast line of Staffords out of Atlanta, USA and we are planning to make use of him in our breeding plans with Samantha in early 2022.  He's a great guy who loves chasing after balls, sticks and frisbees and has become a great pal of the Everest gang over the past while.






Everest Ares

Everest Ares is our keeper male from Samantha's March 2022 litter.  We will be continuing to test him as he gets older to see how he measures up for our standards for a future stud.  He is a well built, friendly guy with tons of personality.  We are very excited to watch him grow and see how he matures.




Firestone's Double Portion

Samantha is the first Stafford we've had the privilege of owning, and in many ways she has set the standard.  She is beyond intelligent and was a joy to train.  She has amazed us at whatever we've tried her on, is always up for a challenge, and is a credit to the Firestone breeding program in Lethbridge.   We just had her first litter in March 2022 and we are very excited to keep a couple for ourselves to see how they grow up!  



Firestone's Savannah Rain

We went back for more from Firestone Staffords!  Being very impressed with what Firestone produced with Samantha, we were thrilled to get her niece!  We are very impressed with Savannah physically and she is the best cuddler we have.  She loves kissing necks, and will climb up to get to you.  She doesn't hesitate to roll on her back for belly rubs and is an absolute sweetheart.  She's not all sugar though as she's got plenty of spice.  She loves to roughhouse with Liberty and we are excited to watch her grow up and put her fire to good use in some sports.  




Gamestaff Thug Rose

Rose is a puppy we got in the spring of 2022 from Gamestaff.  She is a fiery pup who makes known what she wants when she wants it.  She's never one to back down from anything and will wrestle with any other dog whenever possible.  She's also a sweetheart who loves to cuddle up on the couch or bed and gives loads of kisses.  She's very leggy and we are looking forward to watching her grow into her athletic frame and start putting it to use!


Everest Athena

Athena is our female keeper puppy from Samatha's spring 2022 litter.  She is a little but noisy pup that makes sure her voice is heard.  She has a nice head on her, lots of personality, and is a nice drivey pup  and we are hopeful looking into her future.  


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