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Aiming for the Top

Here at Everest Staffords, we are aiming to be the best

If you're not aiming for the top, what else is there?  

We are committed to producing Staffords that are healthy, have great temperament and drive, are capable and athletic, and adhere conformationally to the standard.  We care a great deal about our dogs and through careful selection and thought-out breedings, we are passionate about our goal of improving upon the genetics of our foundation to preserve the breed into the future.

We are not interested in the latest fads or trends, breeding for certain colours or looks, or watering down the breed.  We respect the breed as it should be and our plans for our line does not in any way include making changes to the historical Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

About Us

A little about the kennel and the humans that run it.

The Breed

About the breed, it's history, personality, care, and who this breed is best for!

Contact Us

Our contact information and location

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